Who we are

A Singapore Premier Home Tuition Agency Network

iKids Domain Home Tuition is a premier tuition agency, specialized in providing and matching students with suitable tutors for private home tuition, development and enrichment programs.  We develop a good foundation for mainstream academic learning. We have extensive experience and familiarity with the local educational system and landscape, academic requirements and regime and student’s needs and development. Our network includes Tutors, Teachers, Coaches and Mentors of different expertise, specialization and levels.  Our domain comprises Secondary School students, Primary School students, Kindergarten students preparing for entry to Primary One and Preschoolers.   

What we do

Facilitate Child On A Trajectory Of Academic Success

We believe in making a difference in your child’s academic, learning and personal development delivered in the comfort, familiar, safe, secure and supportive environment of your own home.  We believe private home tuition is more effective as it delivers personalized coaching and teaching; provides concentration, attention and care of the child; produces opportunity to practice more and to a greater extent; Improve learning styles, build confidence and hence speed up their learning process; allows parental involvement and opens every communication channel for teachers, parents and students.  Furthermore, there is no need to travel, trade-off precious time and deal with logistic hassles.