iKIDS™ Framework

It is a framework where the core teaching, learning and development principles are based on globally recognized principles and methodology of holistic early childhood education.

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Intelligent internet-Age Kids wih Broad-Based Holistic Development

The iKIDS Domain programs are about developing the whole child. The early years are especially crucial for the child’s holistic development. Every aspects of the child’s development will be recognized and valued in order to maximize the child’s potential. All areas of learning and development are inter-related and will result in building a strong foundation for child’s future learning and development. Development in one area influences and is influenced by the development in other areas. In reality, they cannot be separated from each other. The holistic education will provide the child with opportunities to build self-confidence, learn social and emotional skills and develop key knowledge and learning dispositions across the different learning areas in the The iKIDS Domain Framework.

Kid and Age-Appropriate

Understand who the child is, age and maturity, which level of development the child is in, the different pace of learning, what the child is capable of and how the child learn will determine the level of kid and age-appropriate activities that will help in the child’s growth and development. The parent/guardian/ teacher will be able to effectively scaffold and shape the child’s learning and development journey and customize the appropriate learning activities. When teaching a child the correct skill that matches his/her developmental level, the child will learn very quickly and help the child reach important learning and developmental milestones. If the child is taught something before he/she is ready and able to process the learning, the child will get frustrated, develops low self-esteem and come to hate not only that subject but also the whole process of learning. The child could also take that throughout the rest of his/her schooling.

Integrated Approach

The child learns and develops through discovery and subjects skills acquisitions but is not always able to compartmentalize what he/she learns. Planning the learning experiences through integrated approaches or teaching methodologies will enable parent/guardian/ teacher to help the child draw meaningful connections and associations across different learning areas, reinforce and extend his/her knowledge. As the child makes connections between what he/she already knows with new information and knowledge, the child is more able to understand what is happening and can comprehends and appreciates how knowledge and skills are linked.

Discovery Learning

Discovery learning through play, experiential learning, experimentation and an inquisitive mind is the primary mechanism through which the child will encounter and explore the immediate environment. It provides a natural way to motivate the child to learn about oneself and surrounding world, develops imagination and creativity, take risks, make mistakes and cope with failures. Parent/guardian/ teacher can plan learning experiences and organize the environment to enhance learning.

Subject Skills Acquisition

Starting the child early in cognitive, physical, social and emotional developments will accustom the child to later school years by building on the skills that the child has acquired during the preschool age. The iKIDS Domain Framework program curriculum, learning plans and instructional methods will enhance the child’s confidence level in skills acquisition and development.