iKIDS™ Mindset

iKIDS™ Domain aspires to set a good foundation for lifelong learning and facilitate young children on a trajectory of success in life. The iKIDS™ Mindset aims to:

  • Provide a good, age-appropriate and holistic learning experiences and foundation.
  • Make the learning and development process purposeful and fun and to invoke curiosity and discovery.
  • Provide opportunities for discovery, learning through concrete experiences, learn by doing, imaginative free play, observations and interactions.
  • Stimulate the development of a joy for learning and seed the love for learning.
  • Encourage positive development across a wide range of domains while building positive behaviors and attitudes.
  • Use positive guidance techniques to provide a foundation for appropriate social interaction, positive self-esteem, successful performances, etc.
  • Equip the child with essential competencies that enables the child to think critically, think out of the box, assess options and make sound decisions.