By Kelly Davies, Parent, April 2016

I am a self-proclaimed illiterate and the word study sends shivers down my spine. I can imagine that my own teachers at Kindergartens and elementary schools would have rather quit their jobs than to teach me. Now that my daughter is getting into early childhood education that is more complicated than those during my times, I needed something to help me help her. I read these handbooks and suddenly a light bulb went on. I realize I could actually understand the concepts with ease which I have never experienced before. The handbooks have taught me what my teacher back than had not and now I can teach my daughter what I thought I could not. Everything in them are clear and with step-by-step implementations. I highly recommend it!

By Carol Brooks, Preschool Teacher, March 2016

I teach preschool students at nursery and kindergarten levels. I had challenging times trying to structure the correct foundational Learning skills and approaches with the appropriate and interesting lesson plans that could be meaningful for my students. The handbooks have completely revolutionized my thinking and teaching. I never knew teaching kids can be that easy, fun and yet effective. These handbooks also does a wonderful job for me to be able to integrate the curriculum and lesson framework into my classroom teaching. All I have read in the past are books that I cannot strip and use in any form of integration into my job. These are not books but practical education kits that are comprehensive, concise and user-friendly.

By Mr and Mrs K.C. Lim, Parents, January 2016

We are both working parents who have very little time to effectively teach and supplement our preschool age son’s learning. We want to teach him preschool mathematics but practically do not know where to start and where to get help. We do not how other parents do it, but we certainly do not have the time nor the knowledge to find out, read, prepare and devise any form of Mathematics curriculum framework and lesson plans to teach our son. We could only depend on the preschool that our son attends. This Mathematics Handbooks have cleared all our concerns. We do not need to scout around for materials, devise and prepare any lesson plans for our son now. They are all in iKIDS™ Domain. You just need to get hold of the handbooks and follow the lesson plans provided and they work wonder for us and our son. What is even more wonderful, is the evaluation chart that help us to gauge our son’s progress.

By James Lee, Tutor, September 2015

I am a tutor by profession. I have taught numerous young children. Some of them attends preschools and are exposed to the subject concepts and my role is to supplement their learning. Some are totally new to the subject and I need to teach them first hand. Even with my experiences, I still have a few big challenges and concerns. For those who attend schools, I cannot easily figure out what have been taught at school until the end of the school terms. For those who are learning it first hand, what would be an appropriate curriculum framework to put them through the learning journey? Preparing lesson plans take up a majority of my time and there are practically not much of useful materials that are comprehensive and integrated to rely on. With the Handbooks, I can now spend my time effectively teaching the kids without having to labor through the preparation. The Handbooks have essentially taken away any preparations that I need as I can just implement what is provided with ease and with amazing success and results. Moreover, the curriculum and lesson framework has been thoroughly researched and prepared for the right level of preschooler and fits well to the school programs. It can be used to supplement school attending kids and it can also be used as first hand learning material for those not attending schools or who are being homeschooled.

By Helen Scotts, Preschool Teacher, October 2014

I would highly recommend this series of Handbooks to all teachers because it does an excellent job of making concepts and framework comprehensible and applicable to your classroom without an overhaul of your existing lessons. I love that the content is flexible and can be age appropriate because it allows me to focus on what I will need for my class. The content is clear, concise and immediately applicable.

Meg Gills, Educator, April 2015

This guide is a valuable tool for educators, instructional coaches and parents that wish to deepen their own conceptual understanding or deepen their understanding of how preschool children learn and master concepts. This is a complete domain with practical guides/kits that have all the curriculum and lesson frameworks, step-by-step lesson plans and guidelines and lesson activities set-up just for your implementations. What areas need to be taught, what outcome to achieve, how to pace your child and yourself through proper scheduling, how to gauge and assess your child’s achievement are all presented for your easy implementation. The guide is written from the teacher’s and the child’s perspective and therefore, is well thought through and integrated. Very importantly, it believes in being simple to effect, simple to grasp and can be implemented within your reach and resources.

Ong Wei Gek, Parent, November 2015

As a parent, I always wonder and marvel at what and how my kindergarten child is taught in school. I am always curious what is being used and taught by the teachers on a daily basis. There are limitations in complementing and supplementing my child’s learning if all these are unknown to parents. With iKIDS™ Domain, the trade secrets in the preschool education industry that educators are reluctant to disclose are now being presented in front of my eyes. The author is wonderful. As parent, he clearly understands what the parents want, desire and are curious about. He understood the limitations of parents to be effective educators and have devised miracles that change all that. It is also easy to understand and implement. You do not need to go anywhere else for materials and information. The kit is truly written by parents for parents, guardians, tutors and teachers.

By Nguyen Kim, Parent, December 2015

I want to homeschool my preschool child but I can never find any comprehensive mathematics resources that can guide me with step-by-step implementation. Not until I found iKIDS™ Domain for Preschoolers. All I needed to do is to follow the sequence of the handbooks. You do not have to read everything before you begin. As it has step-by-step instructions, you just need to follow the lesson plans one by one. By the time you finish, you will definitely have an all-rounder in the making. Most importantly, a very happy one as well.

By Eileen Hu, Parent, August 2015

This is a brilliant resource with so many practical ways to teach preschoolers. The author has written and put together a Kit that is so systematic, engaging and thorough. It covers the essential key areas and milestones to focus on and how to teach a young child a particular topic. The kit is truly packed full of information, examples, resources and suggestions. This is worth so much more than it’s selling for! I genuinely recommend this kit to every parent who wants to teach their children in an effective, practical & engaging way.

By Wan Rong, Parent, December 2014

The iKIDS™ Domain is a successful teaching resource for parents. I personally like all the activities, tips and suggestions provided as well as the guidelines to follow in order to teach your kid. The handbooks are great for teaching kids with hands-on projects and understanding what you are doing.

By Rita Chopra, Parent, February 2014

I chance upon iKIDS™ Domain while searching for materials to teach my kid who is in preschool. I wanted an eBook instead of a physical book in paper back that I can carry backwards and forwards in a thumb drive instead of lugging it around. I am not a teacher but just an ordinary parent who wants to be hands-on in teaching my kid. Instead of getting an eBook, I have gotten a e-Handbook and I am truly amazed that the Handbook is so easy to follow and wish I had be taught in the same way at school. These amazing Handbooks are not just practical but has also made learning easy, fun and interesting. It makes the child happier to learn as well. I swear by the Handbooks now. Thank you Bill.