Tutor FAQ

How do I register myself as a tutor with iKids Domain?

You have to fill up the Tutor Registration Form and we will contact you shortly.

What are the qualifications and requirements to be a tutor with iKids Domain?

To be eligible, a tutor must:

  • Currently reside and be eligible to work in Singapore
  • Possess adequate content knowledge of key subject areas.
  • Familiar with the local education curriculum and syllabus at different levels and be able to impart and explain the required knowledge, concepts, workings, etc. to a variety of ages in a variety of ways.

What are the typical aptitude and responsibilities of the tutor?

Able to:

  • Provide the child with opportunities to expand their knowledge base. It is important for them to be able to discover their educational interests, talents.
  • Able to motivate and coach the student to reach his/her potential and beyond.
  • Be totally familiar with curriculum and syllabus
  • Be adequately prepared to help the student achieve better results.
  • Be informed of current education trends, educational certifications and teaching qualifications in Singapore.

Would I be responsible for any fees associated with becoming a iKids Domain tutor?

There are absolutely no fees associated with applying to become a iKids Domain tutor. Commission refers to the amount iKids Domain levies for a successfully matched tuition assignment. A tutor’s first two weeks tuition fees will be paid to iKids Domain as commission by the client. After the initial two week period, clients will pay the remaining tuition fees directly to the tutor. However, if the tuition assignment has a duration of less than three months, the commission will be evenly divided between tutors and clients. This will be confirmed between the client and the tutor prior to the beginning of tutoring. In the event of cancellation either by the client or tutor anytime during the first month, half of the amount will be paid to iKids Domain as commission.